You Are Held

Sunni Chapman
7 min readMay 18, 2022

The thing that I love about writing so much, is that for me, it’s like a key to unlock many doors. It’s a way of accessing different dimensions.

Not fictional dimensions, but real ones. Tangible ones I can FEEL in every fiber of my being. One minute I’m here on my chair clicking keys, and the next minute I’m in a whole other world.

I am always so delighted by what I find there in these worlds. They feel like transmissions. And I get to decipher them like morse code or something, wave upon wave of imperceptible information flows in and takes shape before my eyes.

It is magic. It is absolute, utter, magic. ✨

It brings forth clarity on things that I’ve been taught to believe, but don’t feel right to me. And I realized recently that many of my posts are me just alchemizing things that don’t feel right to me, and burning them down to their core, and my truth.

One of those things that I’ve been working with lately, is yet another layer of the belief that we’re on our own. Here’s how that belief looks and sounds in this world:

• buck up

• figure it out

• make a plan and stick to it

• you need to take care of yourself

• you need to figure it out yourself

• you can only really rely on yourself

• you need to make it work

• pull it together

• get over it

• let it go

All of these things are expressions rooted in our patriarchal society’s constant push to individuate to extremes and CONTROL by force of fear with survival and achievement as the driving motivation.

They completely ignore the interconnectedness of all things, and disrespect our relationship to eachother, the earth, the universe, and the divine. They ignore a vaster intelligence at play, one that we not only ALL have access to, but are ALL unique expressions of.

We are not on our own. We do NOT take care of ourselves. That is a fact.

I can pretend that I do, but if sun blows out or the water all dries up, it’s not up to me is it. I can try to take care of myself til the cows come home in that…

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