Moving Up

Sunni Chapman
1 min readMar 28

ever noticed how
escalators go up
AND down?

that’s because
sometimes you need
to go to different


sometimes what you
need is the next
flight up,

and sometimes what
you need’s a flight

it’s not a problem
that you have to go
down to get something,

and it’s not a problem
that you have to go up
to get something else,

the point is you’re
always getting what
you most need

at that time.

besides, if you turn your
head just a little, you’ll
see that what looked

like up is then down
and what looked like
down is then up,

and from there you
realize stairs and directions
are just different ways

to get where you’re going.

That’s why there’s no
such thing as a

because every movement
is a movement forward
no matter which way

you go.


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