How I See AI / How The World Sees AI

Sunni Chapman
7 min readJun 3

I made this meem humorously but also with GREAT compassion for the challenges and pains that this transition causes. My OWN business, work and entire livelihood and financial safety has been disrupted by technology MULTIPLE times over the span of my 25 years in business, and each time I have made the decision to thrive despite it, without any evidence that that would or could be the case, and that has ended up being exactly the case. I thrived despite all changes, in fact, I even thrived even more.

The introduction of “one click websites”, “pre-made graphics”, boxed logos, you name it, all of that stuff was not on the scene when I began 25 years ago. And before *I* even came on the scene people did graphics and design by HAND literally cutting and pasting and scanning and such. Then computers came along and made everything way easier, and it disrupted a lot of fields. Then “done for you branding and websites” and boxed graphics, but those who stayed with their craft and chose to move WITH the evolution instead of fight it, or simply value themselves the same or MORE despite this shift, simply shifted their value and livelihood into its next iteration.

The computer became their tool and they were still the designer. Same with the ‘one click done for you stuff’ — that just also became their newest tool and they were STILL the designer…

and THAT is when they became the *DISCERNER* and the *DIRECTOR* instead of the primary DOER of all the things.

I used that change, when it happened to me years ago, to pivot into art direction ONLY. I actually got CLOSER to the thing I truly loved the most, and got to let go of the parts I really didn’t. I got to be “The eye”. People hire me for my taste and my aesthetic. For the vision and the curation of that vision. I am the discerner or what fits. I am the discerner of what fits the vision and helps the vision and what does not. I do this in my art direction and in my work as a mindset mentor. I am a curator of beauty in all the ways, that is what I do.

Beautiful concepts, beautiful ideas, beautiful ways of being, beautiful design, beautiful messaging, beautiful life! I am captivated and compelled by all that is beautiful. I am a collector and curator of beauty. What is beautiful to me is ugliness to another, but I don’t need…

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