In a meditation recently I saw an image of my heart taken out in front of me and cleaned and repaired like an antique clock.

The impression of the hands of the clockmaker, carefully disassembling and re-assembling every tiny golden gear and part after they’d been thoroughly cleaned and polished, flashed over me in an instant.

This was happening at two levels at once, one above, and one below. Both still connected to my heart place in a glowing circular energy stream, so that it never left that central connection, even while it was being worked on.

This was a confirmation for me… of the heart purification and healing that’s been happening.

And a message that even though it’s taking time, it is being done in the ‘higher realms’ (above) and here on earth (below), and it is all being attended to by the master. Meaning life/source itself, who has created and timed all hearts.

Maybe this is happening for you too.

When I saw this I understood that there was nothing I need to do. Nothing I need to do about this, or fear about this. That it was safe to hand it over and stop struggling to rush or control the process. Because all roads lead to home.

My heart center is the same as the heart of all things. And I cannot become disconnected from that. It can only seem like it sometimes. That is when a phrase popped up and spelled out in big letters across my mind…heart weather.

And maybe you’re experiencing heart weather too.

Imagine a tiny cosmos in the center of your chest, where sometimes the sky is so clear you can FEEL the stars and every hue and shade of love like a breathtaking sunset. And sometimes there is a dense cloud cover, with earth shaking thunder and bolts of lightening, followed by cleansing rains.

It’s safe to allow this to happen.

Most heart weather is not about current situations and events, that is why it appears as an antique clock. Most heart weather is stored energy that has not yet been allowed to run through, because every time you see it coming you shut the windows and board up the house.

When really, if you just open up, a divine wind will wash through and clean out all the dust and cobwebs, and you’ll still be held safe and protected, the whole entire time.

So what does this have to do with business, money, and building a life you love? Only EVERYTHING. 😉

The heart is the central energy system and ruler of your connection to yourself and all things, if your heart has stored secret messages of danger about money, success, and your worth… it’s going to keep closing and dropping down every time you to try to rise up.

But those messages are not truths. They are just old scars that make you move against your truth.

What truth you ask?

The truth that you are an infinitely powerful and magical being who is supremely worthy in and AS all things. No more and no less than any other beauty that walks the earth, yet a precious unique expression of life’s brilliance unfolding. That truth.

It turns out you actually WERE born with a golden spoon in your mouth-if you’ve ever heard that saying.

The spoon of the gift of being alive, and having access to a wealth for your every imagining, if you would only give yourself the opportunity to receive that abundance… even if the past, your history and other people and situations have made that seem impossible.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been spitting out that spoon for all my life-as if it wasn’t mine. When I KNEW deep down that it was, and was my birthright.

That is what us dreamers have in common you know.

Deep down inside us we know our wealth… we know it’s right there… we know it’s so close we can reach out and grab it. But the world has given us countless messages over the course of our lifetime that dreamers are crazy, and that your inner knowing of abundance is insane.

But you are SANE, beloved.
You are SO very sane.

It is this world that is insane. It is believing in limitation and scarcity as the only option that is insane-when a sun shines down upon this earth without bias in limitless power and supply! Along with air, oxygen and gravity you don’t have to do a damn thing for, or to deserve.

But when you are told you cannot go beyond these borders and limitations without something terrible happening for long enough, it’s Stockholm Syndrome. You bond with those borders. You really believe they are real. And you don’t reach for the apple lest you curse your whole world.

And what’s more? They’re a lie that YOU invented, so you could have a grand adventure in the illusions of this world. So you could forget yourself and remember yourself, and leave home and come back home, and take a wild ride on this beautiful train of your life. Because who you really are does not die.

Which means…
it’s not a problem.

When you forget, it’s not a problem. When you remember, enjoy it! Yeehaw! When you forget again, it’s not a problem. Enjoy being the wave, and come back to the ocean. Rinse and repeat ad-infinitum into the depths of eternity.

When that sun shines back on your heart, it will shine upon all the time that clock has kept, or ever will keep. It will light every image and landscape anew.

Trust this work that’s being done for you. Follow every breadcrumb that lights up next on your path. It’s all you ever have to do. And it’s enough. Your heart and soul knows the way.

Let yourself and life be healed so that heart-well springs forth in new abundance. It will just get better and better, every time you do.

P.S. If my work feels like maybe it’s the next right breadcrumb for you… I invite you to check out my Feast or Famine No More Course, where we do exactly that every month of the year

Originally published at on January 31, 2021.

Business & money mindset mentor, writer, and creator of the Feast or Famine No More Course, I help people make more money doing more of what they love.

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