Sunni Chapman

Let yourself fall apart
and not know,

let yourself not know
who you are so that

all of those boxes come open.

For when they do,
new possibilities emerge.

Possibilities that could not be
seen or touched from your

neatly packaged former self
and reality.

You were not meant to…



Do not compare your way
to their way.

The world is not what it was.

“Reality” is not what it was,
and your reality is not what

theirs was.

This comparison will cause you
nothing but pain and confusion.

Let it go like rusty
armor to the earth,

until wildflowers…



Do not limit yourself with
things like numbers of age,

numbers of years,
or numbers in the bank.

Do not use what

measuring stick
for what CAN BE.

Look deep inside yourself
and you will know that your life is

anything but ordinary,

and not defined…



Instead of building a break
that you can one day take,

you are building a life
you don’t need a break from.

Your timeline will be
very different from theirs,

your life’s great loves will be your
wellspring and source

and it will not be something you
want to take…



That dream you have,
that vision in your heart…

live there now,
beloved child.

Live in that place you created
from your source,

like the first star’s light
in a brand new galaxy.

that place where all your
needs and desires

are met and held
in loving trust.

where no…



Sunni Chapman

Sunni Chapman

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