As you begin to create more abundance, money, freedom, or even love in your life, there will almost inevitably come a point that you feel guilt and/or shame about that. This is usually quite sneaky, and you will often not recognize it as that at first.

How it usually manifests is as a feeling of discomfort, or an unexplained feeling of sadness that you cannot put your finger on. For others it may show up as defensiveness or anger. But no matter how it feels, what has happened is always the same:

your heart has expanded, or is expanding, and…

As you begin to follow your dreams in life, from the tiniest little dreams to the big ones, you will soon become very familiar with a narrative in the head that sounds something like this:

what the hell are you doing?are you out of your mind with this?that is unrealistic!that is never going to could this possibly happen?it’s impossible and/or way too are wasting your life/time with this!you’re going to hurt yourself and people you love with this!who do you think you are?what kind of person are you becoming?!stop being a stupid child.wake up and grow up!don’t…

The only reason people tend to dream of cars and houses is because it is the only thing they’ve ever been taught or felt they were allowed to dream.

Anything else feels too big, or too impossible, or too much.

But our culture and society has condoned and fully sanctioned the possibility of cars and houses, it has approved of such a pursuit, and it has made it within at least the REALM of new possibilities for people. So they’re not too afraid to reach for that because they feel they can, and feel they should.

So do not morally…

Dearest Beloved,

I just want you to know, that wherever you are right now, and whatever you’re doing, it’s enough.

And you are enough. Exactly as you are, right this very minute.

Whatever you’re moving through, figuring out, or reaching for… you’re doing beautifully, and perfectly, and you’re right on time.

And it’s not just enough, it’s everything. And you’re not just enough, you’re everything. And you are held and assisted at every moment by an invisible grace that goes by the thousand names.

You are so loved and treasured by this universe, and it is cheering you on and…

If you, or anyone else, is calling you “naive” for who you are or how you think or live, for your dreams or what you are attempting in your life, here’s my take:

Yes, I’m naive.

Anyone who thinks they are not naive as a human being on a 4.5 billion year old planet in an infinitely expanding unknowable universe, is utterly kidding themselves.

If anyone thinks that the human brain, which has been around less than a couple hundred thousand years in a 13.5 billion year old galaxy is not naive- they are utterly kidding themselves.

If anyone thinks…

If you’ve been around my space for awhile you’ll know I’m a major fan of symbols and metaphors. I see them EVERYWHERE and I use them like a super secret Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pen for life (if you haven’t seen A Christmas Story, forgive the reference).

Basically, I know that life is always speaking to me, and once I learned to decipher that language, it was like absolute MAGIC.

In addition to using symbolism to receive hidden messages all around me all the time, I also use symbolism to program new messages and beliefs into my mind and being. …

I used to not believe in balance.
Not at all.

Because I was the wave,
not the ocean.

Balance comes from knowing you’re the ocean.
It’s the only place that lives.

It’s not that there’s no waves.

It’s just that you know that whether a wave is building, cresting or releasing, it’s all coming in and out of you.

A deep stillness remains forever at the center. A fulcrum of inner quiet unfolding as all manner of emotions and experience.

You can know yourself as the wave,
and it’s an adventure…

It’s high drama. It’s action packed. …

For the longest time in my life, I didn’t trust my happiness and joy. It was like I had this fundamental belief that said, if it feels painful and hard, then that’s the truth. That’s what’s REAL. A belief that said: pain = reality.

And because I had that belief, it meant that I absolutely could not trust my happiness or joy.

That meant that whatever made me FEEL happiness and joy, I must be delusional about, it must be delusional. I can’t trust that. It can’t be real. I cannot possibly trust that, because, “ Life IS pain Highness…

In a meditation recently I saw an image of my heart taken out in front of me and cleaned and repaired like an antique clock.

The impression of the hands of the clockmaker, carefully disassembling and re-assembling every tiny golden gear and part after they’d been thoroughly cleaned and polished, flashed over me in an instant.

This was happening at two levels at once, one above, and one below. Both still connected to my heart place in a glowing circular energy stream, so that it never left that central connection, even while it was being worked on.

This was a…

For the longest time I would never completely relax my head when I was laying my head on Kenny. I’d have this crick in my neck because I was afraid my head was too heavy and if I really let go it would crush his rib cage or something.

This is not a small man we’re talking about. He climbs trees for a living and has the upper body strength to pull himself and a hundred pounds in rope and chainsaws up a tree.

But the full weight of my head was going to be the thing that finally did…

Sunni Chapman

Business & money mindset mentor, writer, and creator of the Feast or Famine No More Course, I help people make more money doing more of what they love.

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