Want to listen to this instead? Read or listen here

Want to listen to this instead? Read or listen here

So I had a conversation with myself the other day, after watching some other people in the business and money mindset space, and I wanted to share that conversation with you. This conversation is really between my ego/performer and my heart and soul self with a capital S. I have these conversations all the time, usually in my journal, but sometimes just out loud, and they always help me hear my higher wisdom.

Ego/Performer:Hey, you should really be more results focused, and write and post more things about goals and results and how to get there super quickly…

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I recently got back from a 4 week road trip with my husband Kenny and our two fur babies Haddie & June. It’s just us and the open road in our RV, exploring beautiful new places, and resting and relaxing in more familiar ones.

These trips, and the ability to take that much time off and away from work without worrying about the money or the time off is an absolute dream come true for me.

I get to sit in our cozy bed and drink coffee and eat…

Today I am sharing a letter I wrote to myself. I woke up doubting myself and my ideas and my passions and purpose and I needed to talk to my REAL self. (You know the one). I remembered I am an artist. Always have been, always will be… not in the narrow definition but in the broadest definition there is: I am the artistry of creation. I am the creator, created, creating.

I hope you enjoy this letter, and read it back to yourself in your own voice, if you are also doubting all the things. — xo, Sunni


There are two ways that I see people respond to pricing guilt:

1. Collapse: give in to the guilt and shame ( internal and/or external) and lower their prices.

2. Puff Up: take on a crusader position and go into full inner and outer fight mode, defending their prices ( and thus themselves from guilt and shame) by being a rebel with a cause.

I myself have become a full expert in BOTH of the above methods on my journey 😂😆, but I am here to propose a third option and middle way. Because the reality is both of the above options are rooted in a place of scarcity, guilt and…

It’s the last week of this Money Myth Busting Series (for now) and I’ve got two more myths for ya to explore:

11. Having money makes you a different person — AND/OR — making more money requires you to be a different person.

Are you starting to see just how interconnected these all are?! As with so many of these myths we’ve already discovered that money does not make you anything, good, bad, right, wrong, kind, mean, or otherwise… money simply EXPRESSES what you already are. …

Sunni Chapman

Business & money mindset mentor, writer, and creator of the Feast or Famine No More Course, I help people make more money doing more of what they love.

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